having a MOMENT

June 07, 2016 2 min read

June 1, 2016

Everyone has their own big life moments, and on June 1st, the Stars seemed to converge to give me mine.  Sure, it's not everyone's dream to be photographed by Bill Cunningham for the New York Times Sunday Styles section, but it became mine, and the confluence of events on this day had a profound effect on my life. 

You see, fashion has been my passion since I was a child, playing with paper dolls, sketching, and dreaming of a career as a famous designer.  Well, life is a twisting and turning road, with lots of hazards, dead ends, and big forks along the way.  Career choice #1 Teacher, because it's a good career for women (until you have your own).  Career choice #2 Interior Designer, because you can be artistic, draw, create, and ultimately materialize a functional and beautiful environment for your clients. 

 Career choice #3 Proprietress PEARL wonderful clothing, a revisit to my childhood dream of becoming a "fashionista", and creating a space where women could come together, experience a sense of community, and become more fully who they are.  You see, I believe in the power of fashion to enhance, cheer, transform, and even heal.  I believe in fashion as an art form.

 Which brings us back to June 1st, 2016, the day I turned PEARL wonderful clothing over to my associate Cristine Salzner, the day I was photographed by Bill Cunningham for the New York Times, and the day I started my new life as a lifestyle consultant.  I will still be at PEARL for you several hours a week, for personal styling, fashion chitchat, and lifestyle advice.  Career #4 is already in motion.

 All the Best,