February 12, 2016 1 min read

Those of you who know and love PEARL also know I will (and do) go to the ends of the earth to bring our clients the best of the best. This week I just needed to journey to downtown Los Angeles to preview and curate our Isabel Marant Etoile collection for fall.

Downtown L.A., with its grit and grime, its abandoned storefronts, pawn shops, and taco stands, may seem incongruent with the luxe boho French style epitomized by Etoile. The old center of Los Angeles has always been home to the garment district, but now it is booming with hip new life. Lofts and luxe apartment buildings are sprouting out of abandoned parking lots, chic restaurants are appearing in vintage spaces, and lots of high end retail is setting up shop.

To get the full feel of this Renaissance I camped out at the ACE Hotel, once a grand Hollywood style movie house on South Broadway. Here's a peek into my buying trip adventure.


A vintage guitar and old school turn table


A bath with a view (of downtown streets!)


Drinks and bites up on the roof.


Coming Soon from Isabel Marant Etoile

               It's the bomb(er)            She wore Black velvet       The White (red+black) Stripes