The Way I See It - Heidi Baron Godoff

July 15, 2014 2 min read

                                           LIVING SUMMER THINKING FALL
The fashion world has always been a bit crazy in it's timing. Here we are in 100 degree weather and Fall is arriving in store. For those who could care less, I get it. For those who care a great deal now is The Time to get First Dibs.  For me I fall somewhere in between. My personal MO is I will buy a Fall piece now with the caveat that I can start wearing it immediately. I am definitely into instant gratification.  Obviously down jackets don't work. However if I see a great cashmere sweater I will scope it up now and sport it on a summer evening with shorts or over a dress. 
That being said the Best Fall pieces do go fastso if you can, it's smart to get them now rather than later. The best things will be gone if you wait too long.
For example the Perfect Leather Jacket...... Think motorcycle in lighter leathers. Love this Veronica Beard jacket on the left. It is definitely an investment pieces. And Definitely  Will Not be around in late September when the chill of Fall is in the air. Nor will this one by Isabel Marant.  I covet them both and would immediately start sporting either over a summer dress with sandals. In the Fall I will simply add tights and a boot. Actually I hate tights so probably over a dress with a boot or jeans or just about anything will go with these jackets.
There are lots of Tuxedo Trousers out there and to me there is nothing chicer. I am particularly partial to these by Vince in gray with a black stripe. Summer for sure with sandals and right into Fall with a cashmere sweater and and pumps, boots whatever is your fancy.
Jewelry is something that for the most part is seasonless so I'm grabbing these aw
esome resin bracelets by Lara Ritch. A lot of bling for not a lot of dough.