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  • The Wild Side of Fashion

    The cache of animal prints in clothing and accessories is alive and well in the collections of 2014, but it's popularity goes back far into history.


    Imagine primitive man and woman, wrapped in exotic furs to ward off the
    chill of winter, and provide protection from the rigors of life. Later, Royals regarded animal skins as the ultimate symbols of wealth and power. Throughout history. pelts and trophies have adorned their homes, and fur has trimmed their clothing.
    Dior took animal prints to a high level of chic in the 50's, using leopard print for his clothing, accessories, and ad campaigns. No outfit was chic, or complete, without a touch of the exotic material. Think Catherine Deneuve in Belle du Jour, who embodied the vibe a few years later with cool sophistication.
    The wild and free hippie chicks of the 60's sported cheetah, leopard, and zebra prints in bold colors NOT found in nature. These morphed into punk rock variations on leotards, stockings, and teddies, in prints that were edgy, sexy, and a little dangerous.
    Very Blondie….
    Diane Von Furstenberg previewed her first iconic wrap dress in 1976, and launched the beginning of 40 years of sexy slithery ladies. Her animal prints continue to be chic, sophisticated and timeless dressing for women of all ages and body types. It doesn't get any more alluring than Amy Adams in American Hustle, her wardrobe inspired by David O'Russell's admiration for DVF.
    So join us in celebrating the newest versions of Diane's classic dress at PEARL now. Express your wild side, in the most ladylike of ways!
  • Rediscovering Life's 'Pearl' ....St. Helena Star

    There was a time when Linda Bradshaw Allen could be thought of as a human whirlwind — a single mother raising three young children as she carved out a career as an interior designer, relying on her energy, innate good taste and word of mouth. It was a difficult time but nothing like what she would face decades later.

    When her children were youngsters, the UCLA and UC Berkeley grad returned to school, enrolling in the California College of Arts and Crafts’ interior design program, working and attending school part-time but intent on getting the formal training she lacked.

  • Copper Jewelry Good Looking + Good For You

    Copper has been used to promote health in various ways since ancient times. The ancient Egyptians used it to purify water for drinking, and cultures around the world used it as a form of medicine for such afflictions as sore throat, eye infections, and skin conditions. It was also applied to wounds to prevent infection. 

    Egyptians were among the first human cultures to use Copper, but they were also one of the first to develop Bronze, a mixture of Tin and Copper, and usher in the Bronze Age of human history. As early as 3900 BC, they were developing Copper products that became more and more common and eventually showed up in common household items.  By 2500 BC, Egyptian jewelry makers had developed Copper working to such a level that they were creating crowns and headdresses made of the metal.


    In the modern era, copper was discovered to have anti-microbial properties which made it well suited for its ancient uses. Copper can be used on surfaces such as bracelets and other jewelry to have contact with the skin or woven into fabrics to prevent the spread of bacteria. Copper is an essential trace mineral. All tissues of the body need it for normal metabolic functions. It is excellent for reducing inflammations, strengthening connective tissue, restoring hair colour and the oxidative energy metabolism as well as fighting parasites and cancer, and it may even improve brain and liver functions.





    Think Sophia Loren, Brigette Bardot, La Dolce Vita....glamorous, seductive, sensuous. That is what 
    Lara Ritch's new hot line LA BOMBA is all about. Beautiful silk and cotton blends or jersey dresses weightlessly skimming the body. 

    Lara Ritch and Linda at the Pearl Wonderful Clothing Trunk Show for LA BOMBA 

    The Pearl Team Rocking LA BOMBAJenna, Hannah, Lara, Evelyn + Kim

     The piece de la resistance... LA BOMBA is Made in California.


  • Psssst.....Schumacher is back at Pearl

    The uber chic SCHUMACHER Collection, from Germany, is back at Pearl. We are THRILLED!  Anyone familiar with the Dorothee Schumacher line, knows it's fashions best kept secret. The couture craftsmanship and inspired fabrics infused with a modern sensibility scream understated sophistication. Classic atelier quality in a 21st century closet .

  • Great Gatsby Glamour is all in The Pout

    There’s nothing more glamorous than a perfectly painted red lip.

    The Glamour Ladies of the Great Gatsby never underestimated the power of a ruby pout in getting them what they wanted. Lydia Mondavi, clearly inspired created the Siren Red Lipstick Collection for 29 cosmetics. To achieve the look carefully draw the lip line; fill in the lips with lipstick. Add a bit of gloss and you are ready to Rock Glamorous.  Available at Pearl Wonderful Clothing or click below and purchase on our website. 

  • Ace & Jig


    Meet Cary Vaughan (left) and Jenna Wilson the two talented designers behind the new label available at Pearl Wonderful Clothing. “We wanted to start a line that tapped into what we’re the most passionate about, and Cary and I both have an intense love of textiles,” Jenna explains. “We both have textile collections—we both love rummaging at flea markets. We both have expansive personalities.” Being textile-centric meant finding a way to produce their own rich, totally mesmerizing linen-and-cotton fabrics from a small factory in India and letting the silhouettes flow from what they wanted to wear. Their collection is playful, a bit India goes hip with cheerful mixes of color and pattern.

  • ARM CANDY Sweeten's Up SPRING!

    A new handbag magically transforms your wardrobe into Spring 2013.  Pearl Wonderful Clothing like other fashionistas out there are loving the new Clutch for Spring. It is Chic, Easy and Perfect for Day or Night.








  • The Way I See It - by Heidi Baron Godoff


    We are usually not so trend driven...but we just got back from our New York  buying trip and literally it was all about green. Emerald to be exact but any green a melange of green will do. With all the dreamy shades of green there was a bit of old world elegance...dresses, lace, navy and green stripe.

  • Margaret O'Leary was in The House.

    Margaret O'Leary, with all her beautiful Spring sweaters, visited Pearl Wonderful Clothing for Valentine's Day Weekend. Red was not the only theme that day. There were beautiful citrons, pink blossom cardigans, corals and creams. Powder blues, sailor stripes and oh so much more. Margaret has left the house but her wonderful sweaters remain.


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