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  • The Way I See It - by Heidi Baron Godoff

    Skirts are back big time. They can be short, knee length, tea length. What they all have in common is that they are flirty, playful, feminine without being frilly. Pearl has some fabulous new designers with perfect skirts. Patmos, Ellen Sasson, Schmacher from Germany.
    What does a flirty black skirt need? A fabulous blouse. My favorite is the amazing mixed silk patterns pieces of art from La Prestic Ouiston. A French collection new to Pearl.
    There is also the elegant Schumacher or the Raquel Allegra twist on a classic white shirt.
  • The Way I See It - Heidi Baron Godoff

    GREY comes in 50 Shades of Fabulous this Fall.It's hard to zoom in on the best as there are so many excellent pieces to chose from but here are some of my favorites.


    There is an abundance of Menswear inspired tweeds, herringbones and pinstripes in heavenly shades The charcoal AG jeans are made of super fine corduroy. Veronica Beard's Scuba Jacket is a high tech take on a traditional style.




    What's new this season is the treatment and use of fabrics normally in black now offered in shades of grey, silver, slate, charcoal. I owned the Vince Black Deckers this Spring and wore them to death. They are going to be replaced by the Vince Charcoal pony skin ones above. Good bye Black Down. Hello Reversible Slate Grey/Khaki Down Jacket by Herno.

  • The Way I See It - Heidi Baron Godoff

                              CHUNKY, DIP DYED, CASHMERE, I AM KNIT ADDICTED.....

    Just about this time of year I start to crave a fix,,,,yes it's still summer but I am yearning to possess so many of the new luscious knits walking in the door at Pearl. Not yet here but I am already swooning are the pieces that we are getting from M. Patmos. A knitwear genius. I am counting the days when this color blocking of grey, charcoal and black moves in with me.


    This Fall many designers are becoming even more

     creative....experimenting with stitches, shapes and dyes

    Personally I am mad for anything Dip Dyed.  

    To satisfy that craving, Allude, a European brand new to Pearl is on my must buy list. 

    Another piece I can't wait to wrap myself in, is a Margaret O'Leary Cashmere Blanket. The perfect piece to snuggle up with or just wrap around one's neck.



  • The Way I See It - Heidi Baron Godoff

                                               LIVING SUMMER THINKING FALL
    The fashion world has always been a bit crazy in it's timing. Here we are in 100 degree weather and Fall is arriving in store. For those who could care less, I get it. For those who care a great deal now is The Time to get First Dibs.  For me I fall somewhere in between. My personal MO is I will buy a Fall piece now with the caveat that I can start wearing it immediately. I am definitely into instant gratification.  Obviously down jackets don't work. However if I see a great cashmere sweater I will scope it up now and sport it on a summer evening with shorts or over a dress. 
    That being said the Best Fall pieces do go fast so if you can, it's smart to get them now rather than later. The best things will be gone if you wait too long.
    For example the Perfect Leather Jacket...... Think motorcycle in lighter leathers. Love this Veronica Beard jacket on the left. It is definitely an investment pieces. And Definitely  Will Not be around in late September when the chill of Fall is in the air. Nor will this one by Isabel Marant.  I covet them both and would immediately start sporting either over a summer dress with sandals. In the Fall I will simply add tights and a boot. Actually I hate tights so probably over a dress with a boot or jeans or just about anything will go with these jackets.
    There are lots of Tuxedo Trousers out there and to me there is nothing chicer. I am particularly partial to these by Vince in gray with a black stripe. Summer for sure with sandals and right into Fall with a cashmere sweater and and pumps, boots whatever is your fancy.
    Jewelry is something that for the most part is seasonless so I'm grabbing these aw
    esome resin bracelets by Lara Ritch. A lot of bling for not a lot of dough.

  • The Way I See It - Heidi Baron Godoff

                               PATTERN MAKES THE SPRING/SUMMER GO ROUND 
    It's hot, it's steamy, dreaming of beaches, pools, cocktails on the veranda, or sipping   Italian Soda on the cobblestone streets of Capri. What goes with all of these scenarios or just  a staycation in your boudoir.  PATTERN dresses, blouses, pants....
                                                       Pattern Maxi Dress by Joie
    When I say pattern I am not just talking Tribal although that is important. I'm also talking Batik, Floral, Animal, Geometric, Tie Dye. Anything goes just so the Look is Bold and Fabulous                      .
    It can be uber casual, like Heidi Klum running about town in her Raquel Allegra  Dress, or  pulled together by pairing a tailored blazer with silk Joie jersey patterned pants.  Or go Black and White Graphic with short  dresses by Diane Von Furstenberg.



     IS EVERYTHING + EVERYWHERE flowing scarves which double as summer sarongs, table cover ups, cell phone covers and nails..... YES if you have not noticed patterned nails, a different one on every finger is The New Red.

  • The Way I See It - by Heidi Baron Godoff

    Go Glam
    Style is everything. It helps you get up in the morning. It helps you get down the stairs. It is a way of life. Without it you are no one.
    And I am not talking about a lot of clothes.”
    Diana Vreeland
    There have been many greats that have come and gone but Diana Vreeland's concept of style and hence glamour really resonates.
    One is either to the manner born or one must cultivate that Je Ne Sais Quoi. Visit our Pop Up during Napa Valley Auction Week and get instant style. We will be showcasing extraordinary pieces from Carole Tanenbaum's
    Vintage Jewelry Collection. Author of the ultimate collector's guide, Fabulous Fakes, A Passion for Vintage Costume Jewelry. Carole spent her life passionately pursing one of a kind runway pieces, hard to find treasures from such masters as CHANEL, ELSA SCHIAPARELLI, MIRIAM HASKELL, ROBERT SORRELL.  
    These fabulous pieces and more will be part of our pop up. Mix it up, make them yours and to quote Alexander McQueen  

    It's a new era in fashion - there are no rules. It's all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together.

    Glamour like style is a state of mind.
  • The Way I See It - by Heidi Baron Godoff

                                     SPRING CLEANING -  THINK LIGHT - THINK WHITE

     Think LARA RITCH's new Jewelry Line. The pieces, are made in Italy, of Leather and Swarovski Crystals, razzle, dazzle and are light as air. Perfect for travel, a night of dancing under a Napa Valley sky,  Day to Dinner is a breeze. Just pull them out of your day tote and  you are ready to shine.
    Click below to learn more about Lara Ritch's design inspiration.
    Veronica Beard is The Dream Ensemble....
    But layering all manner of white in varying textures and weights work as well when paired with a crisp pair of 
    A white leather jacket raises the style bar when paired with an open knit sweater. 
    Or go classic with white jeans, a billowy blouse,  neutral bag and aviators for an easy, super, fresh look that won't break the bank.
     Pair everything with the
     THE SHOE OF THE SEASON….Vince's Perforated Skate Shoe. 
    If you fancy help EDITING YOUR WARDROBE, advice on key pieces to transition into a new season, tips on putting together a look for a specific event.
    our Senior Stylist is available for PERSONAL ONE ON ONE SESSIONS at our shop or your home. To make an appointment or ask a question email her at
  • Behind the Curtain - Linda's Blog - Spring 2014



     Bella Italia!

    The New Lara Ritch Jewelry Collection
    Our good friend, and style maven, Lara Ritch has embarked on an Italian treasure hunt, and delivered her bounty to PEARL. Lara, a statuesque blonde beauty, has an eye for everything chic and stylish. She has designed home interiors, clothing (her La Bomba collection was a hit at PEARL last season), and now a very special jewelry collection
     which is a must have for spring and summer.
    Drawing inspiration from all about her on the streets of Italian towns and cities, from storm drains to street signs to sorbetto displays, Lara brought her concepts together with the help of a group of artisans she met on her journey. The result is a fresh and completely unique collection of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets
    handcrafted from leather, resin, Swarovski crystals, and goldtone Italian coins.
    The pieces in the collection evoke the romantic and sexy mood of Rome and Capri in the 60's
     but feel at once both ageless and modern. Sophisticated and carefree, the embellished bangles stacked on your arm take a simple dress from predictable to glamorous, and the leather earrings elevate even
    your most basic denim and tee to a new level of chic.
    Shop the Lara Ritch collection at PEARL now, and meet the designer to experience her entire offering on
    Saturday May 3rd from 11:00 to 4:00.
  • A Designer for the 21st Century

    Jin Seo, the Designer of 51 INC. not only Talks the Talk but Walks the Walk.  She understands and leads the life that many women of the 21st century do. A life of constant duality.  Family/Profession, Work/Play, Activity/Recovery,
    On-the-Road/Off the-Road, INtoxing/DEtoxing .
    Boundaries have blurred. Women's lives are not black and white but 50 Shades of Grey. The challenge is to become very Style Savvy. Invest in go to pieces that can lead a double or even triple life


     Jin Seo's Design Mantra is Authenticity, Professional Polish, Sexy Sportiness,Elegant Edginess and Keeping It Real.Quality over Quantity. Less is More. She designs for a modern woman who embraces the sensuality and relaxed self confidence that a multi-faceted woman cultivates over time. 

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