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Opening its doors in St. Helena in 2002, PEARL Wonderful Clothing was founded by interior designer Linda Bradshaw Allen who conceived a destination offering the best of the best in contemporary fashion.
In June 2016, Cristine Salzner took over the reigns as the new Proprietor. 
Cristine is a delightful melange of old world sophistication and new world attitude.  Living in Vienna, Austria for over a decade she immersed herself in classical music, opera and best of all the glamour of the Austrian capital. Her husband’s passion for wines brought the family to Napa Valley in 2008. 
Fashion, as an expression of Cristine’s ecclectic lifestyle has always been her passion...
Many people move to Napa Valley to realize their viticulture dreams.
Cristine came with different dreams; to have a venue that reflects her passion for fashion and love of the Napa Valley lifestyle.
A lifestyle that encompasses endless beauty, sophistication, entertaining, athletic leisure, and lots of excellent wine.
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